How To Sew For Beginners

How To Sew For Beginners – Sewing 101 2

How To Sew For Beginners

How to sew for beginners… this Sewing 101 topic seems to be a somewhat overdone on the web.However, I’d like to revisit it not only for myself, but also to try to give a bit of a South African spin to it. While sewing techniques and tools do the same the world over, often the way something is explained is just completely strange for us South Africans.

And while I do know how to sew, I can certainly use a boost – a refresher in how to do things properly. Bear in mind – there is no one right way to sew. If you can make your project work some other way than explained, by all means, do so.

Also, let us know! We’re always open to new ideas and tricks.

I’ve decided to write a series of posts about how to sew for beginners, going right back to the basics – sewing 101!

Series Outline On How To Sew For Beginners

Sewing Terminology

I’m starting off by talking about common sewing terms and concepts, dealing with all things sewing terminology related.

The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

Then, I move on to discussing sewing machines. This is a very broad topic and machines range from very basic to quite intricate. I also touch on the perfect overlocker machine (as they are known in South Africa), known as sergers abroad.

Sewing Machine Supplies

Next on the list I discuss sewing machine supplies – you certainly don’t need to buy the whole shop in order to get started.

How To Thread A Sewing Machine

Another topic worth discussing is how to thread your machine. Machines need to be threaded properly in order for them to work beautifully.

Sewing Machine Repair, Cleaning and Maintenance

I’ve already written a post on how to oil your sewing machine, and I will revisit it. Just to be sure that you’re aware the importance of a thorough, and regular cleaning session.

Different Types of Fabric

The next part of the series deals with everything fabric related; at least common fabrics. This includes preparing your fabric, fabric stabilizers, knit fabrics and other types of fabrics. Everything you thought you knew, and more!

Sewing Stitches

Back to machines and sewing, we are investigating stitches next. There are so many options available these days and it’s hard to know exactly what to use when.

Fabric Fasteners

Next, we talk about fastenings. Zippers and so forth.

Sewing Tips and Techniques

Then we move on to techniques. There are so many cool techniques out there, never mind all the basic ones that I will touch on.


Last but not least: I touch on sewing with patterns for beginners. This includes pattern terms, and how to make your own sewing patterns.

This series is packed full of information. My hope is that it will become your go-to-guide for all your sewing requirements!

To summarize:

  1. Sewing Terminology
  2. The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners
  3. Sewing Machine Supplies
  4. How To Thread A Sewing Machine
  5. Sewing Machine Repair, Cleaning and Maintenance
  6. Different Types of Fabric
  7. Preparing Your Fabric
  8. Fabric Stabilizers
  9. Knit Fabrics
  10. Other Types of Fabric
  11. Sewing Stitches
  12. Fabric Fasteners
  13. Sewing Tips and Techniques
  14. Pattern Terms
  15. Sewing With Patterns For Beginners
  16. How To Make Sewing Patterns

… and whatever else comes up during this series! Happy learning and refreshing – see you soon!


  1. This is great how do we get access to these lessons?

    Helga Van Wyk
    1. Hi Helga, the lessons will be spread over a period of the following weeks. Amanda will shortly publish lesson one. Keep a lookout! 😉

      Creative Notions

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