HoopingPro Embroidery Hooping Station


HoopingPro Embroidery Hooping Station


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Increase hooping time by a third! Raise quality control, boost productivity and profitability with an embroidery hooping station.

The HoopingPro is made from sturdy wood in order to endure the rugged commercial and industrial machine embroidery environment.


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4 Differently sized wooden boards which interchangeably screws unto station, 4 Easy to hold pins which holds to board in place


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The HoopingPro embroidery hooping station increases embroidery production time, making your embroidering more efficient and profitable.

Made for any size embroidery frame, the HoopingPro embroidery hooping station allows you to hoop any item smoothly, unstretched and wrinkle-free first time round.

Hooping accurately is actually not an easy task! In order to embroider with quality, you need experience in hooping your item with the right hoop, at the right fabric tension and at the right location. And of course, the appropriate stabilizers are required. However, if you don’t take the time to hoop accurately before embroidering, there is no fixing it later. Your entire project looses quality!

What is an Embroidery Hooping Station?

A hooping station is a tool which holds your hoop in place while you position your item. When you use the right embroidery hooping station, you can dramatically reduce hooping time and hooping errors. Simple, easy-to-use, yet clever!

You Need the HoopingPro!

The HoopingPro is an easy to use embroidery hooping station for the commercial and industrial machine embroiderer. Simple in design, and made from sturdy wood, it’s built to withstand the punishment of the industrial or commercial environment.Use this rugged, hooping device to hoop your t-shirts, shirts or any other garment items for embroidery. The system comes with:

  • four interchangeable wooden boards which is screwed onto the device, and
  • four pins to steady any size frame!

Even the most inexperienced employee will find it easy to use! The HoopingPro embroidery hooping station will:

  • have employees hooping quickly and accurately in no time at all;
  • increase your productivity and profitability; and
  • bring the quality control your customers deserve.

Put this innovative system to work for you. The many time saving and profit building features will quickly have this tool pay for itself!

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