Protect Your Table With a Cutting Mat!

Cutting mats are used both to protect the surface you are cutting on, as well as to provide measurement guidelines and references to ensure a clean and straight cut.

Cutting mats are a good surface for working on almost all craft projects. It’s useful especially for sewers, quilters, crafters, calligraphers, designers, photographers, or anyone who has a desktop to protect.

Made with a resilient vinyl, it is self healing which means that it “reseals” after every cut. Therefore its cutting surface lasts longer. It can be used as a writing/drawing surface, even over previous cut lines.

Cutting mats has an easy-to-read measuring grid, marked in cm and inches on both sides. Therefore you can turn the mat over for double the usage!

A cutting mat is a useful tool in a variety of projects and is considered essential for accuracy in many crafts!

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