Embroidery stabilizers, otherwise known as backing, make smooth machine embroidery possible. However, matching the right stabilizer to the fabric you’re embroidering on is the secret to a successful end result.

While the number and variety of embroidery stabilizers continues to grow, there remains four basic types of stabilizers: cut away, tear away, heat away, and wash away. Each is defined by the method used to remove it from the fabric once the embroidery is complete.

Variants of stabilizers are available – permanent vs temporary, various weights, fusible or non-fusible, adhesive-backed or toppings (embroidery stabilizers used on top of the fabric instead of beneath).

The backing you choose will depend on the type of fabric, the nature of the embroidery design, and the end use. To find out which stabilizer would fit your fabric, check out this infographic.

We recommend keeping several types of backing on hand, and make test samples before permanently stitching out a design.

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