The most common searches on knit fabric sewing tips pertains to stretching. And though knit fabrics are meant to stretch, ideally you don’t want them to stretch while sewing. It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation.

That said, there are quite a few knit fabric sewing tips to make your projects look neat and professional and that’s what we’re going to cover today.

Bear in mind that it requires a bit of practice though so don’t give up too easily.

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Knit fabrics – I think everyone absolutely loves wearing them, but sewing with them…? You either love it or hate it.

Before I researched and learned how to deal with knit fabrics properly, I used to be scared of sewing with this unpredictable fabric.

It used to bunch and pucker, the seams did not lie straight, the thread got all tangled up inside the bobbin housing, and the stitching broke when I tried the garment on. (In fact, it still happens if I’m too lazy!)

Sound familiar? You’re not alone! I’ll be writing a few posts on this topic, as it’s both a widely discussed and avoided one.

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In this week’s post, we’re covering different types of fabric used for garment and craft sewing. Nothing is going to get sewn without any fabric! And with such a huge variety out there, it’s rather confusing to know which to use and when.

In general, you get two broad categories or types of fabrics.

These obviously have many variations in their respective categories, but all fabrics fall into either of these. And you guessed it, fabrics are either woven or knitted.

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