Water Soluble Topping

The Versatile Water Soluble Topping

If you haven’t used water soluble topping on a garment or item before you embroidered a design, you’re missing out on exquisite embroidering! Also called water soluble stabilizer or backing, this item is an important element in producing quality embroidering designs.

It actually has many versatile uses. Today we’re covering what this embroidery consumable can do for you and your embroidery business!

Water Soluble Topping Prevents Letters From Sinking Into The Fabric

Embroidery Digitizing Course Small text embroidered on a rough texture, on top of fill stitches, can sometimes sink into the fill stitches. This rough textured fill can sometimes be eliminated by shortening the stitch length, giving it a smoother texture.

Experienced digitizers may know how to digitize to eliminate sinking letters into the fabric or small spaces between threads on rough fabric. But the vast majority of digitizers have no idea as to how to solve this problem with their digitizing.

The best way to get around this issue is to use a water soluble stabilizer. It helps to keep the top thread of the garment in place, instead of letting the letters sink into the fabric.

And if a design is really badly digitized, it might be necessary to use two layers instead of one. But normally one layer works just fine.

Water Soluble Topping Helps Embroidering Over Rough Fabric

Also, using a water soluble stabilizer when you’re embroidering on any type of fabric that has a raised or rough texture (i.e a towel), will make your embroidery look smoother, and help embroider over those rough spots.

A customer sent me a stitch file of a design digitized for woven fabric (such as light denim). He wanted me to embroider it on a canvas bag, but didn’t want the design edited in way.

On testing the design on the canvas bag, it looked horrible and extremely rough looking. So, on the second test, I laid the water soluble stabilizer on the bag, and voila – it came out perfect!

Water Soluble Topping Protects Your Fabric

Ever noticed how dirt or oil from the embroidery machine just sometimes “magically” appear on fabric when embroidering…? And it’s especially annoying if you’re embroidering a monogram on a white shirt!

Water soluble stabilizer solves protects the fabric from dirt or oil penetrating the fabric. Also, it saves you the time of cleaning the garment before delivery.

Water Soluble Topping Can Be Used As a Backing

Another wonderful benefit of using water soluble stabilizer, is that you can wash it out after embroidering.

If you’re embroidering on delicate, light weight fabrics and do not want to see a backing on it after it is finished, water soluble stabilizer helps tremendously. I once embroidered the bottom of wedding gowns using water soluble stabilizer as a backing.

After embroidering, I removed the stabilizer after embroidering by giving it a gentle rinse under cold water. The white embroidered design on the white chiffon skirts was beautiful!

Water soluble topping serves as a perfect wash-away backing when embroidering on blankets, throws, shawls or scarfs. On such items you don’t want a stabilizer to appear on the back.


If you want high quality embroidery, a water soluble stabilizer solves will help to give you that look. Get acquainted with it. Soon you will discover that you can use it to solve many problems and issues along the way!

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