Feiya Embroidery Machines

Feiya Embroidery Machines Review

Feiya embroidery machines are one of our more popular sellers. And with reason. These embroidery machines have been tried and tested with excellent results. And as with all other sewing and embroidery machines, carry a 1-year warrantee. As you are laying down a sizeable investment which will bring you cashflow, we thought this machine deserves a good overview, covering the company, the models and features.

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Multi-Head Embroidery Machine

Multi-Head vs Single-Head Embroidery Machines

Your small embroidery business has taken off, you need to up production and are contemplating whether to buy a multi-head embroidery machine. Multi-head embroidery machines can produce double or more of your current production volume. And although it’s a cost-effective choice in the short term (compared to buying another single-head), a multi-head embroidery machine has its upsides and downsides.

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