If you’re in the retail industry, a thermal printer is an ideal printing solution! Printer technology have come a far way and improvement never stops. And high on retailers’ lists in terms of printing these days, are thermal printing.

Why would you ask? A thermal printer is more cost efficient than other printers. It’s smaller and consume less power.  Also, it prints more quietly and usually faster than the traditional dot matrix printer. And since it’s lighter than normal printers, it’s also portable!

You can use a thermal printer in almost every environment you can think of: from petrol filling stations, information kiosks, point of sale systems and voucher printers in slot machines, to print of demand labels for shipping and products, even recording live rhythm strips on hospital cardiac monitors.

What is a thermal printing?

Otherwise known as direct thermal printing, it is a digital printing process which produces a printed image by selectively heating special paper. This special paper is called coated thermochromic paper. But in the industry we call it thermal paper.

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