Brother CV3550 Coverstitch Machine


Brother CV3550 Coverstitch Machine

Discover the next level of creativity with the new Brother Coverstitch machine CV3550. Whether creating durable strapping for athletic garments or utilising a chain stitch for hems, this Brother coverstitch machine ensure a professional finish.

Also, expand your design portfolio with a wide range of cover stitches on all types and weights of fabric for both decorative and functional applications.


Coverstitch Machine





Price Range:

R10,000 – R50,000

R12,900.00 incl. VAT

This new Brother Coverstitch machine CV3550 is one of the first domestic top cover stitch machines. Commonly used in hems, swimwear & undergarments, you can also can use it for decorative purposes. The top coverstitch is on the top, while there is a regular 3-needle coverstitch seam on the reverse side.

Besides the single and double-sided tri-cover stitch feature, this CV3550 also has wide cover stitches, narrow cover stitches as well as a chain stitch.

Also, the adjustment dials for stitch length and differential feed are located on the right-hand side.

In addition, it comes with a top cover attachment. The top looper thread is stitched using a removable attachment. This attachment moves back and forth when sewing. If you remove the attachment, the Brother CV3550 is just like a regular coverstitch machine.

The Brother 3550 also can sew a chain off stitch just like a overlocker. And we love this feature!

The Brother CV3550 coverstitch machine offers cover hem functionality for a high-quality finish. Easy handling and user-friendly. As a result, it makes hemming and top stitching fabrics and garments a breeze!

Brother Coverstitch Machine CV3550 Main Features

  • 2, 3, 4 and 5 threads
  • 155mm working space
  • Automatic release of thread tension
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Free arm machine
  • Bright, energy saving LED work light

Other Features

  • Pressure control – Adjustable dial assures consistent fabric delivery.
  • LED work light – Brightly lit, energy saving LED lamp near needle.
  • Easy transportable machines – Lightweight, compact machines with carry handle.
  • Large working space – Comfortably work on projects with ample free space surrounding the needle.
  • Easy access controls – Easy access to presser foot lever, stitch length adjustment dial, differential feed radio adjustment dial and hand wheel.
  • Free arm – Easily manoeuvre fabrics to create curved-shaped pieces and small items.
  • Lower looper threading – Super easy lower looper threading with simple to follow thread guide.
  • Differential feet – Alter the speed at which your fabric is feeding through the machine.
  • Telescopic metal thread stand – Once threaded, the stand helps straighten the threads to prevent any threads tangling.
  • Release of thread tension – Lift the presser foot to automatically release the thread tension and remove your garment from the machine without sticking or tugging.
  • Vertical needle – Provides extra strength and power for thicker fabrics.

Stitch Selection

  • Triple cover stitch – Three-needle, four-thread reinforced cover stitch. Perfect for hemming, decorative effects, elastic and durable seams for sportswear.
  • Wide cover stitch – Two-needle, three-thread cover stitch. Ideal for hemming, topstitching and decorative effects on T-shirts and knits.
  • Narrow cover stitch – Two-needle, three-thread cover stitch. Optimal for hemming on fine fabrics, tape binding and top stitching.
  • Chain stitch – One-needle, two-thread double chain stitch. Excellent for sewing rolled hems, tape binding, joining woven fabrics and decorative effects.
  • Triple top cover stitch – Three-needle, five-thread top cover stitch. Perfect for hems, top stitching, flat joining seams and edging with elastic and bindings.
  • Top cover stitch (wide) – Two-needle, four-thread top cover stitch. It is perfect for hems, top stitching, flat joining seams and edging with elastic and bindings.
  • Top cover stitch (narrow) – Two-needle, four-thread top cover stitch. It is perfect for hems, top stitching, flat joining seams and edging with elastic and bindings.

What’s In the Box

  • Soft cover
  • Accessory box
  • Tweezers
  • Cleaning brush
  • Thread net (5)
  • Thread spool cap (5)
  • Hexagonal driver
  • Clear foot
  • Needle set (130/705H) #90: 3pcs
  • Top cover spreader
  • Top cover thread guide
  • Attachment screw (2)
  • Spool mat (5)
  • Foot controller
  • Instructional DVD
  • Operation manual




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