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Isacord Embroidery Thread – 1141, Tan

Tan (#1141) Isacord embroidery thread, 1000m.



Colour Scale:


Thread Type


Thread Number

0922 – 1220


Buy Tan (#1141) Isacord embroidery thread (1000m) online at CreativeNotions.co.za.

Isacord 40 machine thread is a universal, high quality, 100% universal polyester thread, made in Germany. What makes this thread so unique, is that you can use it as machine embroidery thread, sewing machine thread or even quilting thread!

And because this polyester thread is nearly twice the strength of rayon thread, it’s the smoothest running and most reliable thread produced.

Isacord 40 has been engineered from the finest raw materials. As a result, its provides just the right amount of elasticity to allow for high speed running without looping or puckering. This virtually eliminates thread breaks.

This polyester continuous filament is available in a wide range of attractive colours. It includes multi-colour for rich and colourful embroideries without unnecessary colour changes. Available in 1000m.

Isacord 40 thread is manufactured to ensure longevity as a machine embroidery thread, sewing machine thread and quilting thread. It:

  • is abrasion resistant and robust
  • has excellent colour fastness
  • is extremely durable

You will feel it’s strength, especially working with work and corporate wear, jeans, and even automotive clothing.

Order With Isacord Thread Colour Chart

If you are a regular buyer of Isacord 40 thread, we HIGHLY recommend purchasing the Isacord embroidery thread conversion chart and order by colour number. It contains actual colour thread samples as opposed to the thread colour samples displayed online. You would find it much easier to select the perfect colour for your sewing, quilting or embroidery design.

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