Creative DRAWings 8 Embroidery Software (Full | Upgrade)


Creative DRAWings 8 Embroidery Software (Full | Upgrade)


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An embroidery digitizing software suitable for both the beginner or the savvy digitizer to combine with their existing software.

Creative DRAWings is a unique. It allows you to create designs automatically, easily and fast, without needing to worry about advanced embroidery digitizing technology.

Use your own design, vector or even bitmap images and stitch files. Creative DRAWings is ideal for graphic designing, textile and screen printing, embroidery, monogramming and computerized quilting.




Creative DRAWings 8

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Hobbyists, Professionals


Full Software, Upgrade from Creative DRAWings 4/5/6

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Creative DRAWings 8 Embroidery Digitizing Software

This embroidery digitizing software represents the most advanced technology in the embroidery design field today. With its innovative features, you can easily transform your creative ideas into beautiful embroideries to stitch out on your machine.

Creative DRAWings is not like other embroidery digitizing software on the market. It’s designed to do the “thinking”, allowing your creative ideas to flow free. That means you don’t have to worry about the technical issues in creating your embroidery design.

All You Need to Start is an Image

This could be a piece of clipart, an existing embroidery file, or other compatible file in vector and bitmap formats to create unique embroidery designs. The software includes tools to help you draw your ideas right on the monitor screen, and with only a few mouse clicks, changes them into personalized creations.

New and original embroidery designs that you can proudly share with your family, friends, and fellow embroidery enthusiasts are easily within your reach. This embroidery digitizing software is a powerful, yet very easy to use software.

Everybody – and we do mean EVERYBODY – can be creative! You love your hobby and you deserve to enjoy it; let your imagination run wild. Be creative… with Creative DRAWings!

  • Create original embroidery designs within seconds from vector or bitmap images (Load .cmx, .eps, .emf, .svg, .AI, .bmp, .dib, .rle, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .gif, .wmf, .tif, .tiff, .png, .ico).
  • Edit existing embroidery designs*.
  • Add text using TrueType® fonts on your computer. Adjust each letter or the group of letters with path placement.
  • Modify stitch types – change from satin to fillor fill to satin plus try the piping, appliqué, net, or cross stitch options. Let Creative DRAWings automatically generate the proper stitches.
  • Set Stitch direction for any area in your design – improve your design texture.
  • Easily add an outline to any object.
  • Automatic parameter adjustment for the type of fabric you choose to stitch on.
  • Clipart library
  • Implement inertia / kinetic scrolling
  • Sequence manager – show objects
  • Selection options were added in the right click menu
  • Monogramming
  • Array fill
  • Array adjustments
  • Palette order
  • File formats
  • Text abbreviation
  • Smart text
  • Automatic appliqué option – choose an object, click appliqué and let Creative DRAWings embroidery digitizing software do the rest.
  • Advanced object and node editing with Bezier curves
  • Align your objects with one of 11 different shape alignment options.
  • Advanced stitch editing with Wings’ modular – included with Creative DRAWings.
  • 3,000 embroidery designs included! *Load the following formats: Experience.,nsg; Milestone .mls; Tajima .dst, .dsz, .dsb .tbf; SWF .sst; Sauer .SAS; Pfaff .ksm, .pcs, .pcm, .vip; Singer .xxx; Happy .tap; Bernina/ Melco expanded .exp; Brother/Babylock/Bernina .pec, .pes; Husqvarna Viking .hus, .vip, .shv; Janome .jef, .jef+, .sew; Juki .M3; Toyota .10O; Bernina .art; QuiltCAD .hqf; PC Quilter .txt; Statler Stitcher .qli.
  • Guideline editor
  • Monochrome photo-stitch
  • Export to VP3 file format
  • Magic wand designing tool
  • Improved macro selection dialog
  • We now support Open Type Fonts (.otf)
  • Rotation in rectangular array
  • Circular array contour ability with or without equal steps
  • Advanced embroidery properties
  • Import .PLT vector files
  • New quilt styles
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Main Applications
  • Creative DRAWings® 8 software installation DVD
  • USB security key OR software key. The key allows DRAWings 8 Pro embroidery software to run.
  • Import from embroidery level
  • Wings’ modular® 6 – “Basic” installation DVD
  • More than 3000 embroidery designs
  • 205 perfect clipart ready to be embroidered
  • Creative DRAWings 8 and Wings’ modular® 6 installation guide and Quick Reference Card
  • Creative DRAWings 8 online help
  • Creative DRAWings 8 printable manual in PDF format including Quick reference card
  • Wings’ modular® online help
  • Wings’ modular® printable manuals in PDF format including quick reference card

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