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Feiya CTF 1201 Embroidery Machine


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Whether you’re starting an embroidery business or expanding your established business, the Feiya embroidery machine should definitely be a consideration. User-friendly and reliable, this single head, 12-needle, high speed machine is compact, yet powerful.

The Feiya embroidery machine is most certainly value for money with its all inclusive features, frames, and accessories* (*embroidery software excluded).


Industrial Embroidery, Semi-Industrial Embroidery






Single Head


12 Needles



R120,175.00 incl. VAT

Out of stock

The sturdy Feiya embroidery machine is suitable for flat embroidery, cap embroidery and finished garment embroidery. It’s therefore ideal for commercial and/or industrial machine embroidery. Embroider on almost anything professionally and with precision. Perfect for t-shirts to caps and even shoes!

Feiya Embroidery Machine Parts Availability

Feiya embroidery machines are becoming very popular in South Africa. Although imported from China, service and parts (something to always consider when purchasing imported products), are available in abundance.

User-Friendly Screen

Easy to use LCD screen with 28 built-in fonts. It also includes an array function. Need to re-size or shape your lettering to an oval shape? No problem! Do your letter editing on-board!

Bobbin Winder & Laser Positioning System

Commonly found in home embroidery machines, this industrial embroidery machine comes with its own built-in bobbin winder, for even faster production time.

Included in your purchase is a laser positioning system, for precision embroidery. This device is only available as an optional add-on in other industrial embroidery machines.

Threading System

The Feiya embroidery machine is equipped with 12 needles. It therefore allows you to embroider with 12 different colours. The machine cuts the threads once done with one colour. It then moves to another thread automatically. And with the built-in thread break detection sensor, machine embroidery becomes breeze.


The Feiya embroidery machine has one of the largest variety and amount of frames included with your purchase. ith a few optional extra frames available, should you wish to embroider on belts or shoes.


Compared to other industrial embroidery machines, the Feiya embroidery machine is surprisingly light. Weighing 100kg, you are able to transport your industrial embroidery machine in your business vehicle with ease.

The Feiya embroidery machine will add productivity to any business and is excellent value for money!



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