Starting or expanding your business with one or more industrial embroidery machines is one of the smartest choices you can make. People love personalization; it’s what makes machine embroidery a profitable industry.

Industrial embroidery machines vary in size featuring between 6 up to 15 or more needles. The more needles the unit has, the more thread colors you are able to load at a time.

Industrial embroidery machines can also feature single or multiple heads. Multi-heads are ideal for producing large, multiple orders of the same design, at the same time. Speed times vary on different machine models, but many are able to reach speeds of more than 1,000 stitches per minute.

Industrial embroidery machines can also include many different accessories including multiple hoops, thread, bobbins, needles, and rolls of backing, among others. Features could include LCD displays, USB ports, and various software models.

An industrial embroidery machine can take your embroidery business to the next level, saving you time and money and helping you to keep up with increasing demand.

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