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Embroidery At Home

Home Embroidery Machines


Domestic, otherwise known as home embroidery machines are suitable for those who would like to do machine embroidery as a hobby or a very small home business.

A home machine does not need to be as fast or heavy-duty as a commercial or industrial machine.

Due to its small frame size and one needle, one can embroider on small items such as towels, handkerciefs, baby clothes and pillow cases.

Commercial Embroidery Machines For Sale

Semi-Industrial Embroidery Machines


Semi-Industrial or commercial embroidery machines are suitable for those who would like run a business from home or a starter business.

It has bigger frame sizes and 6 needles or more, which makes embroidering faster. It’s more versatile than a home embroidery machine.

Embroider for instance on a jacket with one frame (without needing to reframe). Some even has one head with which you can embroider on caps.

Industrial Embroidery Machines for Sale

Industrial Embroidery Machines


Industrial embroidery machines are ideal for those who would like to make a business from machine embroidery or expand their current business to include embroidery.

Frame size and stitch speed are crucial here and industrial embroidery machines promise a fast project turnaround.

It’s sturdy with multiple needles and heads. Embroider on almost anything, even leather belts and shoes!

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