DigiStitch is a subsidiary company of Creative Notions (Pty) Ltd.
We offer the following embroidery services:


  • Embroidered Caps
  • Embroidered Beanies
  • Embroidered Hats

Corporate Wear

  • Embroidered Workwear
  • Embroidered Uniforms
  • Embroidered Golf Shirts
  • Embroidered T-shirts
  • Embroidered Sweatshirts
  • Embroidered Polo Shirts
  • Embroidered Lounge shirts
  • Embroidered Bags
  • Embroidered Belts
  • Embroidered Jackets

Personalized Items

  • Embroidered Baby Clothing
  • Embroidered Robes
  • Embroidered Bed Linen
  • Embroidered Bath Towels and Cloths
  • Embroidered Kitchen items
  • Embroidered Shoes

Embroidered clothing is one of the best ways to promote your company or personalize an item. Moreover, it is the cost effective compared to other branding options out there. Embroider your business logo or artwork on your promotional or corporate wear or even personal items.

Embroidery Costs

Contrary to public opinion, it’s not the amount of colours in the design which determines cost.

The price of embroidery is actually determined by the size or total stitch count of the design, not the amount of colours one uses. Our prices are as follows:

Letter Digitizing (i.e name) – R30
Logo Digitizing – Between R150 to R350 (depending on logo/image)
Up to 4,500 stitches – R15
Thereafter per 1,000 stitches – R3.50
Metallic colours – Add R2

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Digitizing is process of turning artwork into stitches using a special computer software.

Our creativity includes regular digitized embroidery, 3D and caps digitized embroidery, appliqué digitized embroidery, photo stitches embroidery, and many more.

Embroidered T-Shirts


Embroidery is away to stitch your design or logo onto material using computer embroidery machines.

Embroidery is not only cost effective, but also one of the best ways to promote your company or personalize an item.

Embroidered Appliqué


Appliqué is a sewing technique that involves stitching a small piece of fabric onto a larger one to make a pattern or design.

You could decorate your jeans using appliqué, sewing flowers and stars on them.

Embroidery Process

Embroidered Clothing Process

Pro’s & Cons To Branding Your Item Using Embroidery

  • One can embroider on almost anything, including belts and shoes, unlike other branding processes which are limited, like screen printing.
  • Embroidering small quantities (less than 30) is usually cheaper than other branding processes.
  • Embroidery often outlasts the garment and will not become worn out.
  • Large letter designs can be cheaper embroidering than screen printing.
  • In general embroidery generally looks more sophisticated than other branding processes.
  • Embroidering on a sample material is free.

  • Fine print and small details is extremely difficult to embroider.
  • Large complex designs are not cost effective compared to other branding processes.
  • Should you require embroidery on shirt pockets, it must first be unstitched before embroidering. The alternative, however, is to embroider above the shirt pocket.
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