Brother PR-1000e Embroidery Machine
Brother PR-1000 Embroidery Machine Touch Screen
Brother PR-1000 Embroidery Machine 10 Needles
Brother PR-1000 Embroidery Machine Touch Screen
Brother PR-1000e Embroidery Machine
Brother PR-1000 Embroidery Machine Touch Screen
Brother PR-1000 Embroidery Machine 10 Needles
Brother PR-1000 Embroidery Machine Touch Screen

Brother PR-1000e Embroidery Machine

Experience the next dimension in Brother embroidery machines with the Brother PR-1000e 10 needle embroidery machine!

With features like an 10 needles, automatic needle threader, the exclusive new InnovaChrome LED Thread Color System and Eyelet Threading System, InnovEye Technology for precise positioning, this is the perfect machine for those looking for increased productivity and creativity!

Impressive 10-color, 50,000 stitch-count designs can be completed 12% faster than with a six needle machine, and more than 30% faster than with a single-needle machine.

With the PR-1000e embroidery machine’s built-in editing suite, it’s easy to programme text and merge designs!



Domestic Embroidery, Semi-Industrial Embroidery

Price Range:







Single Head


10 Needles




Imagine you had a logo with 10 colours, you would have to re-thread the machine after every colour change – not with the Brother PR-1000e embroidery machine!

Equipped with 10 needles, therefore 10 colours, the Brother PR-1000e embroidery machine can import designs from 3 sources direct pc connection, usb and Brother design cards.

Experience the Next Dimension in innovation, creativity, productivity, and expansive space with the innovative Entrepreneur Pro Brother PR-1000e 10 needle embroidery machine for home use.

Innovative Technology

The Brother PR-1000e embroidery machine raises the bar in embroidery for hobbyists, crafters and home-based entrepreneurs, with its 10 needles, InnovaChrome™ Thread Color System, InnovEye® technology, and more.

The state-of-the-art InnovaChrome™ system provides colored LED lights under each spool, making thread color selection easy – simply match your thread color to the LED light color under each spool.

More Features with the Brother PR-1000e Embroidery Machine

The lights also double as a visual status system, so you can spend less time supervising the machine.

And with the enhanced InnovEye® technology, you can view, in real time, a sharp, magnified view of the needle area – it’s like a having a built-in camera above the needle.

As an added bonus, the included PE-DESIGN® Next Upgrade software* offers the ability to link up to four Brother PR-1000 embroidery machines or upgraded PR-650 machines to one computer, for enhanced productivity.

Best of all Brother Embroidery Machines

The Brother PR-1000e 10 needle embroidery machine allows you to finish most multi-color designs faster, easier, and with greater precision than with most single or six-needle machines.

Create professional results on a wide range of items with logos, monograms and more.

Add the optional frames – from the jumbo 14”x14 frame and wide cap frame, to the border, cylindrical, round and quilt square frame for even more versatility.

Let the Brother PR-1000e embroidery machine inspire you to create designs you’ve only dreamed of before!

Frames for stitching T-shirts. Full accessories kit supplied with it’s in built editing suite it’s easy to program text and merge designs.

Price Range
R150,000 - R200,000
Single Head
10 Needles
  • .PES
  • .DST
Net Weight
Embroidery Area
L: 360mm | W: 200mm
Max Speed
1000 stitches p/min
Max Stitch Memory
500,000 stitches
LCD Screen
Emergency Stop
Keypad/Touch Screen
Touch Screen
Screen Size
Built-In Fonts
Built-In Designs
On-Board Digitizing
Stitch Editor
Scale Embroidery Designs
Multi-Select Designs
Rotate Designs
Threading System
Camera Sensor
Thread Sensor
Top & Bobbin
Thread Break Detection
Auto-Thread Trimming
USB Port(s)
Network Cable
Computer Cable
General Features
Bobbin Winding
Precise Positioning
  • Camera
  • Laser Light
Built-In Scissors
Spool Pin(s)
Large Stitch Plate
Basting In The Hoop
Help Features
On-Board Help
User-Friendly Icons
  • Accessory Case
  • Needle Set x 2
  • Spool Net x10
  • Prewound Bobbins x6
  • Seam Ripper
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Touch Pen
  • Needle Changing Tool (Threader)
  • Needle Plate Spacer
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Standard Screwdriver
  • Allan Screwdriver
  • Offset Screwdriver
  • Disc-Shaped Screwdriver
  • 13x10 Wrench
  • Oiler
  • Weight
  • Spool Mat x10
  • USB Cable
  • USB Cord Clamp x2
  • Power Cord
  • 200x360mm Extra Large Embroidery Sheet
  • 130x180mm Large Embroidery Sheet
  • 100x100mm Medium Embroidery Sheet
  • 40x60mm Small Embroidery Sheet
  • Embroidery Positioning Sticker Sheets
  • Table
  • Operation Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • 1x 200x360mm Extra Large Frame Set
  • 1x 180x130mm Large Frame Set
  • 1x 100x100mm Medium Frame Set
  • 1x 40x60mm Small Frame Set
  • Arm A Embroidery Frame Holder (For Included Frames)
  • Arm B Embroidery Frame Holder (For Optional Jumbo | Border | Quilting Frames)
  • PR Stand
  • Metal Bobbin
  • Embroidery Card
  • Embroidery Card Reader
  • Bobbin Winder Set
  • PR Cutwork Kit
  • PR Upgrade Kit
  • USB Mouse
  • Embroidery Positioning Sticker Sheets
  • Embroidery Hooping Station
  • Wide Cap Frame Set
  • 360x60mm Wide Cap Frame
  • Advanced Cap Frame 2 Set
  • 130x60mm Advanced Cap Frame
  • 130x50mm Advanced Cap Frame
  • Mounting Jig
  • Cylinder Frame Set
  • 90x80mm Cylinder Frame
  • 200x200mm Quilt Frame
  • 300x100mm Border Frame
  • 300x200mm Flat Frame
  • 360x36mm Jumbo Frame
  • Round Frame Set
  • 100mm Round Frame
  • 130mm Round Frame
  • 160mm Round Frame
  • Arm C Embroidery Frame Holder




PR Series Guide

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