Embroidery Machine Needles

About Embroidery Machine Needles

Embroidery machine needles are of course one of the most important components of machine embroidery. Part of every embroiderer’s training should be to learn what type of embroidery machine needle fits with what type of embroidery design and fabric. And of equal importance, why, how to, and how often you would need to change it. Regardless of the many opinions with regards to this topic, there are some basic, but important information every embroiderer should know about embroidery machine needles.

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Water Soluble Topping

The Versatile Water Soluble Topping

If you haven’t used water soluble stabilizer on a garment or item before you embroidered a design, you are missing out on exquisite embroidering (not to mention happy customers)! Also called water soluble topping or backing, this item is an important element in producing quality embroidering designs. It actually has many versatile uses and today we’re covering what this embroidery consumable can do for you and your embroidery business!

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