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Turn your idle embroidery, sewing or any other clothing industry machine into cash quickly and painlessly! Take advantage of the our used clothing industry machine marketplace.

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Did you know that Creative Notions

receive a monthly visitation just under

9,000 industry targeted

people per month?

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in buying YOUR clothing industry machine…

  • Exposure a targeted audience
    We’re one of the highest ranking websites on our industry keywords. This allows us to reach our target market effectively. Also, we maintain an up to date social status on Facebook and our weekly newsletter draws much attention!
  • Save time
    Let us take care of the enquiries. We know what you want and what our customer want.
  • Limit your risk
    We’ve had so many people who listed or purchased a listed machine on a general directory site, only to have been scammed. Don’t let it happen to you.
  • No need to interact with buyer
    We sift through the interested enquiries and determine which is fake, fraud or legit. Also, we do the negotiation on your behalf.
  • No need to train the buyer
    In our experience, this is one of the biggest headaches private sellers have. There’s no bigger nuisance than thinking you’ve sold a product only to receive phone call after phone call for guidance. No worries – we take care of that!
  • We service the machine before the sale
    We make sure the machine is in tip top shape before it leaves our office. No need for you to take care of servicing the machine yourself!
  • We charge a 25% commission on sale of the machine for our services (not negotiable).
  • Listings are free of charge.
  • Should you wish to feature your listing on our homepage, a fee of R150 per month will be charged.
  • Submitting a listing does not guarantee inclusion.
  • Incomplete submissions will not be included and listings information will not be accepted over the telephone.
  • Please check our terms and conditions page for further details.

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