Which Embroidery Machine Should I Buy?

Someone used to say: “Never ask a life insurance salesman if you need more life insurance”. We mention this because your first visit to an embroidery machine dealer could be an expensive mistake! Read this article before you start visiting embroidery machine dealers.

Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro

Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro Sewing Embroidery Machine

Now your PFAFF® Creative Sensation™ Pro can embroider faster than ever before. With 30% faster embroidery speed*, you will complete your embroideries more quickly, maintaining the quality and precision that you expect.

Feiya CTF 1201 Embroidery Machine

Feiya Single Head 12 Needle

Whether you’re starting an embroidery business or expanding your established business, the Feiya embroidery machine should definitely be a major consideration. Easy to use and reliable, this single head, 12-needle, high speed machine is compact, yet powerful.

DRAWings 6 Pro

DRAWings Pro Digitizing Embroidery Software

For professional digitizers and embroiderers who prefer their own way of creating designs, DRAWings® 6 Pro technology will help them stay competitive in the market and with Wings’ Modular 5 that is also included in the package will make a step beyond.


Single head 15 needle embroidery machine

An American brand, RiCOMA International Corporation is the leading manufacturer of the most efficient commercial embroidery machines available today. RiCOMA maintain the highest standards to satisfy the needs of today’s embroidery professionals.