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Featured Clothing Industry Machines

  • Pfaff Passport 3.0 Sewing Machine

    The PFAFF passport 3.0 sewing machine is specially designed for small spaces, as well as going places such as classes, retreats or any sewing journey.

    It is your license to venture out in the world and discover new ways and new places to sew!

  • Pfaff Perfomance 5.2 Sewing Machine

    The PFAFF Performance 5.2 sewing machine is perfect for quilting, home decor sewing and fashion enthusiasts. It's packed with features to make your sewing and quilting more creative and enjoyable, and thanks to the colour touch screen and focus on simplicity, it's easy to use too.

  • RiCOMA RCM-1501 TC-7S Embroidery Machine

    Suitable for flat embroidery, cap embroidery and finished garment embroidery, the RiCOMA embroidery machine RCM-1501TC-7S is ruggedly fit for both semi-industrial and industrial machine embroidery and can embroider on almost anything – from t-shirts to caps, and even shoes!

    With a maximum speed of 1,200 stitches per minute, an automatic thread trimmer, automatic colour change and thread break detection, your machine embroidery projects will be done fast, easy and professionally!

Used Machines

New Products

  • P-Touch D450 Brother Label Printer

    The P-Touch D450 Brother label printer is a versatile solution for creating professional-looking labels with its backlit, graphical display and USB interface.

    Simply connect it to your Windows or Mac computer to use the P-Touch Editor label design software, or use it on its own.

    R2,091.90 incl. VAT
  • Machine Embroidery Designs – 15,000 Digitized Images

    Are you tired of searching the internet for machine embroidery designs on every web-page possible, just to discover that you have to pay a hefty fee for every item you buy? Not to mention the time-consuming process required of searching thousands of sites to find your designs?

    Here's your answer! Linda's Embroidery Collection team of embroidery professionals created and adapted 15,000 unique embroidery designs, neatly categorized in design sets, and available in many formats. Buying this collection means you'll pay less than a cent per design!

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  • Brother P-Touch P700 Label Printer (PC-Connectable)

    Print labels quickly and easily. The Brother P-Touch P700 label printer offers simple connectivity – so there's no software or drivers to install. Simply connect to your computer via the included USB cable and launch the built-in software to get started creating professional labels using your own keyboard.

    Add the fabric iron-on tape to add personalization to your fabric items!

    R2,131.80 incl. VAT
  • Brother P-Touch E300VP Label Maker

    The Brother P-Touch E300VP Label Maker is an industrial label maker with dedicated functions for engineering label applications. Easily create durable labels for face plates, cables, consumer units and other electrical and datacom installations.

    The Brother P-Touch E300VP label maker can also use the new heat shrink tube tape in addition to the durable TZE laminated tapes.

    R2,901.30 incl. VAT
  • Brother P-Touch E100VP Label Printing Machine

    The Brother P–Touch E100VP label printing machine is a lightweight, handheld industrial labelling machine developed with easy-to-use functions for creating common label types quickly and easily. Complete with a practical carry case to hold the included AC adapter!

    Label like a pro with the Brother P–Touch E100VP label printing machine, helping you get the job done quickly and correctly.

    R1,236.90 incl. VAT
  • Brother P-Touch D210 Label Printing Machine

    Introducing the Brother PT-D210 label printing machine with one touch keys to quickly access 14 fonts, over 600 symbols and 98 frames making label printing a breeze.

    From labeling file folders to food storage, from organizing your clothes, supplies, tools and sports equipment, and even from decorating cards to wrapping gifts – once you start using the Brother P-Touch D210 label printing machine, you’ll find an endless array of uses around your home and home office.

    R974.70 incl. VAT

New Courses

  • How To Start Your Own Embroidery Business From Home Course

    This courses gives you a complete guide on how to start your own embroidery business from home. It includes ebooks, practical training videos as well as a business plan!

    Appropriate for beginners as well as experienced embroiderers, it starts from scratch, but it goes up to advanced digitizing techniques, plus it includes smart marketing techniques and industry secrets that can be used to start or to expand your embroidery business.

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  • How To Use Silk or Silky Scarves To Quickly Sew Two Women’s Tops

    In this online video course, you'll receive clear step-by-step instructions, taking you through a quick and simple process to create two women's silk or silky tops using scarves!

    The instructions include exact scarf sizes, all measurements and options plus PDFs of the instructions are included so you can have them beside you as you sew.

    Discover More

  • Make Your Own Cushion Covers

    Discover how to make cushion covers! With handy hints, and tricks of the trade this is a must do course for anyone who wants to produce top quality cushions.

    Why buy expensive retail cushions if you can make your own for a fraction of the price!

    In “Learn How to Create Cushions & Grow a Sewing Business” online course, 10 easy to follow videos will guide you through the entire process of making your own cushion covers!

    Discover More

  • Beginner Sewing Machine Lessons

    New to the sewing machine world and don't know how to use your new sewing machine? Sewing Machine Boot Camp is an online video course with beginner sewing machine lessons which will show you how very easy it is to use a sewing machine.

    The best part is that it doesn't matter whether you've never touched a sewing machine before!

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  • Embroidery Business Training: Gold Level

    Joyce Jagger's coaching courses comes highly recommended by Creative Notions.

    The Embroidery Business Training Gold Level has over 250 videos and articles which will teach you all of the basics of embroidery, how to work with many different types of applications, as well as many full programs, teaching you design basics.

    As a Gold member, you learn how to increase your productivity, decrease machine errors & increase your monthly income.

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  • Embroidery Business Training: Gold Plus Level

    Joyce Jagger's coaching courses comes highly recommended by Creative Notions.

    The Embroidery Business Training Gold Plus Level has over 400 videos and articles which will teach you all of the basics of embroidery, how to work with many different types of applications as well as many full programs teaching you design basics.

    As a Gold Plus member, you get many business building strategies which will help you take your embroidery business to the next level.

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Top Sellers

  • White Tear Away Stabilizers (Stitch & Tear)

    Tear-away stabilizers are temporary backings for embroidery. Perfect for all types of decorative stitch-work including embroidery, appliqué, cut-work and monogramming. Prevents fabric from puckering, and adds stability to the design area.

    R6.00R838.00 incl. VAT
  • Water Soluble Stabilizer – Avalon Plastic

    Avalon water soluble stabilizer is a thin PVA plastic film of 35 microns thick. The wash-away film provides extra stability for fabrics like knitwear and stretchy fabrics. Also, it can be used as a topping or backing to help improve the appearance of embroidery.

    R21.00R1,367.00 incl. VAT
  • Thread Cone Net Covers – Thread Socks

    An absolute must-have product to keep your threads tidy during storage or protected whilst handling.

    Wrap the exapandable cover net around the cone of thread while in use to help keep the thread unwinding in a smooth manner. Leave the net in place when storing thread to prevent tangling.

    Can be used on any size thread cone, and any thread – from embroidery and sewing to serging or quilting!

    R35.00 incl. VAT
  • 45mm Rotary Cutter: Olfa Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter

    This 45mm rotary cutter by Olfa is a combination of comfort, convenience, strength and safety.

    Its ergonomic handle with anti-slip rubber grip eliminates hand fatigue and stress, while the squeeze trigger allows the blade to self-retract for safety. The cutter can handle up to six layers of thin materials. And the quick blade change feature won't slow down your project.

    Good for cutting strips and multiple layers at once. Cuts fabric, paper, tarp, vinyl, upholstery and more.

    R300.00 incl. VAT
  • Marathon Embroidery Threads (Viscose Rayon)

    Marathon is a proven brand name worldwide. Manufactured with premium raw materials and dyes made with the best colouring chemicals, colour consistency across different dye lots is ensured and reliability of the Marathon embroidery threads are guaranteed.

    R23.00R100.00 incl. VAT
  • Marathon Embroidery Thread Color Chart (Viscose Rayon)

    The Marathon embroidery thread color chart contains actual, Pantone licensed Marathon colour thread samples as opposed to printed out thread colors.

    R170.50 incl. VAT

Recent posts

  • Multi-Head Embroidery Machine

    Your small embroidery business has taken off, you need to up production and are contemplating whether to buy a multi-head embroidery machine.

    Multi-head embroidery machines can produce double or more of your current production volume. And although it's a cost-effective choice in the short term (compared to buying another single-head), a multi-head embroidery machine has its upsides and downsides.

  • Portable Sewing Machine: Pfaff Passport 3.0

    It's always been a sewer’s dream to have a sewing machine so compact that they can pop it in the boot of one's car and drive with it anywhere. Or quickly pull it out of the cupboard to fix a seam.

    Well, no need to dream it anymore, because now it's a reality!

  • Pfaff Performance 5.2 Sewing Machine Review

    If you are thinking of buying a new sewing machine to pursue your new found hobby or simply planning to upgrade your old machine to a new and better one, take a look at Pfaff's latest sewing machine.

    Just recently, Pfaff released the latest addition to its sewing machine line. The Pfaff Performance 5.2 Sewing Machine is packed with new features and we are loving it!

  • How to Sharpen Scissors Sharpening

    I remember my mom being livid when she found out one of the kids borrowed her fabric scissors to cut paper. She felt it immediately when cutting fabric, as the blades were dull.

    Today I know my mom's frustration. However, this time I know how to sharpen scissors... with stuff you already use at home!

    So, before you toss your scissors or cutters in the trash and rush off to buy new ones, there's actually a couple of easy and fast tricks to sharpen the blades.

  • Stabilizers - Backing - Choosing the right one for the right project

    Stabilizers, or backing, is an essential part to your machine embroidery project. It is used to support the fabric during the stitching process in order to keep the fabric from slipping or stretching.

    Hiding in the back of your fabric, it's the unsung heroes of machine embroidery and the difference between a professional or poorly made item.

  • Cap Embroidery | Embroidered Caps

    There will always be a need for embroidered caps; cap embroidery is an ever expanding business.

    So once you've purchased your semi-industrial or industrial embroidery machine, learning to do cap embroidery efficiently and effectively, should be a major priority. You don't want to lose out on this money spinner!

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